How to upload any file or how to make post?

What is up Geeky's ?

Okay. thanks for your great support.🙏

But no one posting a post or anything. ☹️ Because of the it's nonprofit.💰 

So I thought all members are not learning the platform so why you're not posting anything.

Okay. I will tell you how to upload pdf file or any other file like video tutorials, images,text files,zip files, any other files etc.

Now, firstly you have to learn, this platform or friendly with this platform. 

Try to make some creative like design the text or write some your own thoughts or tell the peoples what is your thoughts (What's on your mind) on you can post anything. 
Topic about your dreams or your experience. Life Goals, quotes, anything you want but it's will be also useful for someone.

Or if your writing the your own quotes and something like that. If you're posting on Facebook, Instagram, what's app, or tiktok.

Don't post on this Stupid platforms.
Post on Geeky's Notes. And send the links of your page on your friends, family.

So, Come to the point how to make post or upload.

First Thing We Don't Have money.

Because server it's too expensive. 

Why we can't buy this server.

But if you using Google Drive you will Get 15 GB Storage For permeant. (Means life time)

Think if you create 2-3 Google drive account 1 account = 15GB 
3 account = 45GB and it's free. 

But you have to keep your Gmail account safe means not to delete this any files you have uploaded on GeekyNotes. 

Later we can purchase our own secure fast server.

And also don't have many working hand Means Manage The whole Website or Update the new things. So it's little complicated for me. So , you have to upload at your own hand (means you have to learn this First. So read this article carefully) & Don't judge my English and grammatical mistakes.

Create the new gmail or existing gmail also workfull.

So go to the Google drive app

Click the + button ...

And then 

The click the upload button.

And then choose the file which  you want.
And click the okay. Button.

After uploading files this file wait for WiFi networks. 
Because it's by default set to use wi-fi. Then go to settings, and turn off the WiFi only.

Then next step

Then click the 3 dots button

And then turn on Links Sharing Option.

You have to turn on all files you want upload. (Manually) Their is not settings option to set permeant on the link sharing option.

And the. Copy the link to download button.

Okay create the download button.

First write the text "Download" and then set background colour yellow or something attractive.

And then set the font size large.

Like ------>        Download

Then click and hold the text and go to the 3 dot and create link and paste them on the URL box.

And then create the URL. Or paste the URL.

And click the ok Button. It is done.

Now you have save your post. Then post.

After posting the post looks like-->

And then click the download button pdf or file will open in new tab.
& Everyone can download this file.

How looks like--->

Or if you any problems the. Contact me.


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