What are some advice for an Indian teen?

This happened a few years back while I was in 10th grade.

There was a friend of mine. She got in relationship with a guy(Let's call him 'X') from our same class. She was happy with him.

After two months, a senior boy(Let's call him 'T') from our school proposed to her. Sure, he was tall, good-looking, charming and vibrant. He seemed a nice guy.

Now, she felt T as a ‘better option'.

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She wasn't anymore interested in 'X'.

So she dumped X. Because she felt X as a hindrance for her relationship with T. The reasons she told X was patently absurd. She then friend zoned him. She told him that her parents would never accept their relation so breakup is a much better option and he should move on. (Lol not to forget we were just in 10th)

And after dumping X, she started dating 'T' happily. After a week or so, they decided to take their relation to a whole next level. THINGS GOT PHYSICAL.

Then they started to do it more often, wherever/whenever they had a chance - even at washroom and chapel of our school.

Well, he loved her truly. He was serious about her whereas she WASN'T.

She was more into lust than love.

He didn't realise it. He valued emotions too.

And after 3 years of dating, she decided to move abroad for her graduation. So she lost her interest in him and wanted to breakup.

Do you know what she told him?

That she got bored of their relation. She doesn't anymore feel the same kind of enthusiasm she had at the first place. Moreover she got tired of having sex with him!

And then the same reason again, her parents would never accept their relation.

Seriously?! Didn't she know about all this beforehand?

He got played here. It took him a lot of time to heal from their breakup. Moving on was more than easy for her whereas it wasn't for him.

That was the time I realised that there are people like this too. They get into a relation – date for a few months or maybe a year or two – get bored – decides to breakup.

Why playing with someone's emotions? Why even bother to get in a relation if all you wanted were sex? Why not valuing the other person's feelings and emotions too?

This kind of fatuous, heartless people disgusts me. Consider taking other person's emotions too into account rather than being self-centered.

What we cannot distinguish is between two rather different acts, that is, Love and Lust.

Having lust in love is healthy. But having love just for lust is unhealthy.

Do not trick someone just for the sake your intentions.

Beware of people with fake intentions and feelings.


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