The Alien Queen is not dead yet

Director Ridley Scott has said the Alien franchise is set to "re-evolve".  Xenomorph expert lan Nathan considers four directions it could take

Alien franchise


Development on the next prequel has been halted, but not abandoned.  "I'm in tune with where 'Covenant 2' would go," Ridley Scott maintained in 2017. 'Alien: Awakening' was to refocus on the Engineers still at large, inventing planets like giant, bald Ridley Scotts. Engineers Vs. Fassbender  Would ensue; Scott's new direction will likely bring the company, aka Weyland - Yutani, center stage. Less as Peter Weyland's megalomaniac plaything than a corporation of Burkes running a biological - warfare division.


Disney, which is now in possession of the franchise, might equally see this as a chance to go back to basics, back to the B - movie DNA that retained Alien and Aliens.  Which was the intention of Neill Blomkamp - to literally hit the reset button in the wake of Aliens, with Ripley, Newt and Hicks intact.  James Cameron, while promoting Alita: Battle Angel, hinted at discussions with Disney about reviving Blomkamp's reboot;  producer Walter Hill has even sent Sigourney Weaver a 50 - page treatment, with the tagline: "In space, no one can hear you dream." However, speaking to Empire last month, Weaver seemed sceptical about returning to Ripley.


There is a pantheon of unmade Alien scripts Disney inherited with Fox.  One of these might, with a little nursing, offer up a vivid approach.  Is there mileage, yet, in Vincent Ward's monkish wooden planet (flipped into a prison world in Alien), or Joss Whedon's Earth - centric 'Alien: Revelation', or British screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine's 'Alien: Earthbound', featuring the xenomorph - infested Antarctica Station (a reference to Alien) tethered to Earth?  A recent novel, Aliens: Phalanx by Scott Sigler, pitches xenomorphs against medieval knights;  that just happens to be two of Scott's favorite jingles combined.  


The good money remains on the alien heading to television.  With R - rated body horror not conducive to Disney + family values, it would be more likely to appear on Hulu (in which Disney has a 60 per cent stake).  One report claims Scott has been part of discussions over an anthology format, unveiling a different aspect of the Alien universe each season, including a return to LV - 426, with new Colonists and new marines, the Aliens having survived being nuked from space.  

Here is Ridley Scott  Talks about Alien AwaKening.

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