What is Malware or Malicious software?


Malicious code or malware is any undesired or unauthorized piece of software running on a host either to disrupt operation or to use the host resources for its benefits.

Most of Malware attacks attempt to remain hidden on the host using resources for potential uses such as launching service attacks, hosting elicit data, accessing personal or business information. Types of Malware, there are many forms of Malware out there with certain features.


Computer virus or virus, which is a piece of malicious code that spreads from one computer to another by attaching itself to other file using self replication. They'd require human interaction to self replicate. Due to self replicating nature, they are quite difficult to remove from the system. They also use tactics to hide on the system, like polymorphic code which encrypts and duplicates itself which makes it a little bit harder for antivirus to find. This is known as a polymorphic virus.


Worms, it's self-replicating Malware that does not require human interaction. There main goal is to just spread and cripple resources or turn computers into zombies.

Trojan Horses:-

Trojan Horses, also known as Trojan, is hidden Malware that causes damage to a system or gives an attack access to the host. They are usually introduced into the environment to a computer by posing as a vending package, such as a game, wallpaper, or any kind of download.


Spyware, the main goal of spyware is to track and report the usage of the host or to collect data that the attacker desires to obtain.
It can include web browsing history, personal information, marketing information, any kind of files the attacker want to chase.


Adware is the code that automatically displays or downloads unsolicited advertisement, usually seen on browser pop up.


RATs stands for remote access tool or remote access trojen. RATs allows the attacker to gain unauthorized access and control the computer. RATs are installed without user's knowledge. RATs are made for spying, hijacking, or destroying computers. It enters in a computer with large software package, like a video game.


It's a piece of software that intended to take full control or partial control of a system at the lowest level.
A rootkit contain a number of malicious tools such as keylogger, banking credential stealers, password stealers, antivirus disablers, and bots for DDos attack. This software remain hidden in the computer and allow the attacker to remote access to the computer.


Ransomware is a malware that infects the host with the code that restricts the access to the computer or the data on it. The attacker demands a ransom to be paid to get the data back. If it is not paid then that amount of time the data will be destroyed.

ransomware attack

In above picture, we can see a banner where the Ransomware takes a control of the host, asking for payment with a time.

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