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CarryMinati's Youtube channel recently got hacked by Bitcoin streamers. Netizens have come up with several memes around the subject. Fans of the YouTube sensation are expressing their concerns along with memes over this high profile hacking incident. Read on to know more details about the whole story: 



 took to social media recently talking about their accounts getting 



And also hack 8bit_thug

Carryminati and 8Bit Thug are very successful YouTubers and well known in the Indian Gaming Community. 8bit Thug’s official youtube channel alongside his email account and Carryminati’s second channel exclusive for Gaming has been hacked.

8 bit thug channel hack

Yesterday, 8bit Thug announced through his instagram handle that his Youtube account and email has been hacked and he is working with the YouTube officials into this matter.

This news was followed up by Carryminati who also revealed that his second YouTube channel “CarryisLive”, where he used to stream and upload gaming content, has been hacked in today’s wee hours.

He is also working with his team and YouTube officials and trying to get back his account.

8Bit Thug has been appointed as a caster for PUBG Mobile World League West. Despite having lost his account earlier yesterday, he continued to cast the tournament in high spirits, this shows his professionalism towards esports. His friends and partners have extended a hand of support and actively working with him on this matter.

8 bit thug channel hack

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Carryminiati youtube channel-hack

Netizens come up with memes over CarryMinati's hack

Watch this status

Carry is live hacked

Watch videos for more info :-



 channels deal with auto-tuning and car review. The list also includes some high-profile YouTube accounts including Built, Troy Sowers, MaxChekVids and Musafir. All these accounts are still not available on YouTube. Some of them also have had their 


 accounts hacked.

It has been revealed that these hacks took place because of a coordinated campaign that reportedly included links to phishing sites. From there the hackers could extract their account credentials. As mentioned by one of the YouTubers who managed to get his account back with some feedback from the YouTube staff, hackers may have used phishing mails to attract victims to fake Google login pages. The hackers may have logged in to the victim’s Google account and then re-assign the channels to new owners. They may have also changed the vanity URL, giving an impression to the real owner and the followers that the account is deleted.

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