The Activist Group “Anonymous”

Anonymous has made a mark in cyberspace, politics, and general freedom of speech.

Whether it helping the people of Tunisia get word to the rest of the world of the atrocities occurring against the uprising populace or calling attention to cyber legislation (SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, etc…) that would destroy free speech as some see it, the hactavist phenomenon have
caused change.

Anonymous does not have a membership list, and you can't really 'join' it either. If you identify with or say you are Anonymous, you are Anonymous. Noone has the authority to say whether you are Anonymous or not, except 
for yourself.” – anonnews.oeg

The Activist Group “Anonymous”

The Activist Group “Anonymous”

There are several groups that claim to be part of Anonymous, but as everyone has seen, each group has its own doctrine or political motives. Some of them are informational while others are very destructive. There have even been messages sent under the mask of Guy Fawkes with threats of violence and terrorism. Many of these messages have been shot down as fakes such as the original Westboro Baptist Church and the November 5th 2012 government bomb threat.

There has been actual retribution from Anonymous over the past year. Several of their “Operations” have caused websites from corporations like Sony to Federal government organizations like the CIA, FBI, and DOJ to go down. The group uses very simple methods for Distributed Denial of Service, primarily resource starvation. Make thousands of legitimate connections for the attack and use up as much of the resource as you can. If you use more than the victim has, the victim then starts to fail.

Other operations have been focusing on the freedom of 
information, or literally freeing 
the information from the owners 
and giving it to the people. Project Mayhem-2012 calls for a program called Tyler (both named after the movie Fight-Club) to“leak it all!” They believe the operation will help fight political and corporate 

"Imagine you purchase a USB drive. Imagine you take it to 
your work place. Imagine you collect evidence of illegality and corruption. Imagine together we expose all lies. Imagine we leak it all.” 
The only thing this section is trying to do is link to news and messages about or from Anonymous over the year 2012, starting from the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012 (NDAA) message from Anonymous in December 2011 to November 5th, the date they called everyone to march. The “Anonymous 
- Message to the American People” focused on the NDAA. Link to the first video can be found here, 
followed by the post NDAA video here. This is not a piece to state what side you should be on and does not advocate illegal activity without expectations of jail time.

End of The Video ...

Together we stand against the injustice of our own Government. 
We are anonymous
We are Legion. 
United as ONE.
Divided by zero.
We do not forgive Censorship. 
We do not forget Oppression. 
Expect us!!

Link to NDAA Bill

Other Link News

Since then those two messages, there have been many threats, many protests, and attacks from both sides of the coin. Anonymous has taken down government sites and members have been arrested. Most of the members have evaded arrest or harassment by using anonymity services on the Internet. Some of the ones that have been caught have made a mistake such as connecting to an IRC channel without bouncing
through proxies and encryption. Some have been caught by using a VPN service that does log and
actively works with Law Enforcement (LE) such as HideMyAss. A common LE saying is “You have to be lucky every time… I only have to be lucky once...” As we have already discussed, covering your tracks
can be easy, but one mistake can make it to where everyone knows your name.

“On November 5th 2012 WE THE PEOPLE will march on Washington DC peacefully and unarmed to arrest all members of congress, the president, and all supreme court justices where they will be held without bond until a full 
independent investigation and trial have been completed. We must re-elect our government within 90 days in order 
to stave of unrest.” This did not have the effect some would have thought it would."
Now, below are links to Anonymous messages released over the last year.  These links are currently pointing directly to Youtube.  The future release of this document will have them pointing to either a direct download or a streaming media server.

Anonymous is not the only hactavist/hacker group out there. There are plenty of other 
hacking groups. The range goes from hacktivists to bored fourteen year olds to organized crime to 
state sponsored actors. There are many websites out there on the regular Internet that monitors or 
allows hackers to post their conquests. is one of these sites.

Other Groups

Zone-h disclaimer: “all the information contained in Zone-H's cybercrime archive were either collected online from public sources or directly notified 
anonymously to us. Zone-H is neither responsible for the reported computer crimes nor it is directly or indirectly involved with them. You might find some 
offensive contents in the mirrored defacements. Zone-H didn't produce them so we cannot be responsible for such contents.”

This article is just about what have done Government &

I will explain in next article about 
Tor Hidden Services

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